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7 months ago
natay.aberra • 10
State College, USA

Can anyone suggest me about Mathematical Modelling? What I need to learn for doing Mathematical Modelling? Which Programming Language is going to help me for doing mathematical modelling? Which software/s I need to learn for doing Mathematical Modelling? Please give your response of Mathematical Modelling pertaining to Systems Biology or Computational Neuroscience.
An elaborate response for my questions with some links to scientific references will be appreciable. Thank you

rna-seq merge • 142 views
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5 months ago
asdasdasd • 0

asdas asdas asdasdasd asdasd

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17 hours ago
RamRS 21k
Houston, TX

Testing XML within a code block that did not work in Biostars classic (see, where I had to use a gist)

    <DocumentSummarySet status="OK">
        <Title>PREDICTED: Myzus persicae uncharacterized LOC111036711 (LOC111036711), mRNA</Title>

        <SubName>clone G006|Unknown|female|whole body|adult (asexual female)|Alex Wilson</SubName>
        <Organism>green peach aphid</Organism>
        <Strain>clone G006</Strain>
    <Statistics><Stat type="Length" count="6002"/><Stat type="Length" subtype="literal" count="6002"/><Stat type="all" count="3"/><Stat type="blob_size" count="8067"/><Stat type="cdregion" count="1"/><Stat type="cdregion" subtype="CDS" count="1"/><Stat type="gene" count="1"/><Stat type="gene" subtype="Gene" count="1"/><Stat type="org" count="1"/><Stat source="CDS" type="all" count="1"/><Stat source="CDS" type="prot" count="1"/><Stat source="CDS" type="prot" subtype="Prot" count="1"/><Stat source="CDS/CDD" type="all" count="6"/><Stat source="CDS/CDD" type="region" count="4"/><Stat source="CDS/CDD" type="region" subtype="Region" count="4"/><Stat source="CDS/CDD" type="site" count="2"/><Stat source="CDS/CDD" type="site" subtype="Site" count="2"/><Stat source="all" type="Length" count="6002"/><Stat source="all" type="all" count="10"/><Stat source="all" type="blob_size" count="8067"/><Stat source="all" type="cdregion" count="1"/><Stat source="all" type="gene" count="1"/><Stat source="all" type="org" count="1"/><Stat source="all" type="prot" count="1"/><Stat source="all" type="region" count="4"/><Stat source="all" type="site" count="2"/></Statistics><Properties na="1">1</Properties><OSLT indexed="yes">XM_022318843.1</OSLT><AccessionVersion>XM_022318843.1</AccessionVersion></DocumentSummary>

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Natay Aberra Natay, see how the first two lines are omitted for display:

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