Question: Genbank sequence submission: tbl2asn Permission denied on Mac?
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Trying to use tbl2asn []

The directions are here []

It starts on Step C where you download the tbl2asn file and rename it. It says "set permissions as required for your operating system." but i have no idea how to do that.

I moved it into a new folder in my applications and then:

export PATH=/Applications/Command_line_apps:$PATH

in the terminal . tried to call it using tbl2asn in the command prompt but i got back

-bash: /Applications/Command_line_apps/tbl2asn: Permission denied

How do fix the permissions?

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Hello jolespin - this post does not fit the main topic of this site, as is not a bioinformatics question. I'd suggest that you do some basic reading on file permissions in UNIX.

FWIW, 'chmod +x yourfile' should make it executable, which may solve your problem.

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sorry about that. i forgot to mention that it is to submit batch sequences to Genbank and NCBI. that did solve my problem tho. thanks a lot

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