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Off topic:Recovering bam files after unknow deletion in the storage
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14 months ago

Hello all,

We had a problem in our storage and for an unknown reason, we lost data.... I used photorec to recover the lost data, however, photorec recovers (as I understood not the total files), so for example I could recover some bam files and convert them to sam, however they are just a fragment , a couple of mb of data each file.

I realized that there are huge gb binary files, (with a real expected bam files size) and if I just read it , I can see sometimes reads ids in the middle of the binary code... however when I try to read it using samtools view, it can't read , it was complaining about EOF problem (however, I found a good script to insert an EOF end and now samtools doesn't complain about this ) and also about "fail to read the header" there a way to insert a header in this possible bam file? or another option to recover these files??

Ps: we don't have backup =(

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