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Question: Why there is no beta of SE output in some meta GWAS results?
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Hi all,

I want to use a summary statistics of a meta GWAS result. The meta analysis was performed by using META. In the summary statistic table, there are z-score and p-value columns, but no beta or SE columns. But I need beta as my input. Here is header of the summary table

SNP CHR BP  Allele1 Allele2 N   Zscore  P

I know that the conversion between beta and zscore is that:

zscore = beta / SE

How could I calculate beta based on provided info?

ADD COMMENTlink 10 months ago lilingjoyo • 30
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Do you mean METAL software?

ADD REPLYlink 10 months ago
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Sorry, spelling mistake. Yeah, it's METAL.

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