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Question: question for Accession No. : SSR
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I read this article: "Revelation of mRNAs and proteins in porcine milk exosomes by transcriptomic and proteomic analysis". So,in end of article and in the "Availability of data and materials" I saw that "All the RNA-Seq data for analysis in this study have been ​deposited in with an Accession No.: SSR 3436404".

I tried to find this accession number but I couldn't find this accession No: SRR 3436404. I appreciate if anybody share his/her comment with me.

P.S.: I sent an email to corespondent author but up to now, I have no received any response.

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Use the NCBI SRA query, it will give you the result you want.

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If you search for just the number, without a prefix (like [this][1]), then you get a clue as to why the accession isn't available. It seems this entry has not been made public.Your best shot is to contact the author (like you've done so already), and find out the expected public release date. edit: you can contact SRA (as seen in the link), if you found this in a publication somewhere. edit2: the answer below is correct, and my answer is not - I always assumed that SRA resolved the correct identifier for a number... apparently not. [1]:

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