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Downloading Fastq files from ENA using FTP
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3.0 years ago
Providence College, Providence, RI

Hi all,

I would like to download all the .fq files used in the study PRJNA350777.

Link is here:

How do I go about downloading all the .fq files from this study using FTP?

Thanks for the help, Nikelle

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The only way to get these fastq files through FTP, is to use each individual files location, since they are in different directories based on their accession number.

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3 months ago
genomax 68k
United States

Option 1: Not FTP based. Click on "Bulk download files" button on the page you linked. Allow Java app to run. Select all files .. download.

Option 2: Click on "TEXT" button to download a listing of all the files. There are multiple columns in the file, some of which contain FTP location links. Use the links under fastq_ftp for FTP in batch. Couple of example lines below.

study_accession sample_accession    secondary_sample_accession  experiment_accession    run_accession   tax_id  scientific_name instrument_model    library_layout  fastq_ftp   fastq_galaxy    submitted_ftp   submitted_galaxy    sra_ftp sra_galaxy  cram_index_ftp  cram_index_galaxy
PRJNA350777 SAMN05945976    SRS1762137  SRX2271034  SRR4454232  9606    Homo sapiens    Illumina HiSeq 2500 PAIRED;;         
PRJNA350777 SAMN05945976    SRS1762137  SRX2271034  SRR4454233  9606    Homo sapiens    Illumina HiSeq 2500 PAIRED;; 

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