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What is differences and similarites between NCI60, CCLE, CMAP?
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18 months ago
m.koohi.m • 110
United States


These three database seems apply chemical compounds on different cell lines. But I could not understand what is differences and similarities between these databases. Could you possibly help me to understand these better.

Thank youm

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16 months ago
Ying W ♦ 3.9k
South San Francisco, CA
  • NCI60 contains data (growth inhibition / cell death) of 60 different cancer cell lines when exposed to many different types of compounds
  • CCLE contains data (RNA expression / DNA copy number changes / mutations) of many cancer cell lines (no data on compounds)
  • cmap contains data (RNA expression changes) on cell lines exposed to compounds. It is also a tool to analyze these interactions.

As a disclaimer, I just skimmed the cmap abstracts and didn't login in


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