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Question: Generating a bedgraph from a scored bed file
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Bedtools has a function, genomecov , that will output a bedgraph from a BAM file:

I have a slightly different use case, where I'd like to generate a bedgraph file from a scored bed file. That is, instead of each interval representing a count of '1', each interval can represent an arbitrary count. In the case of overlapping intervals, I'd like to report the mean in the bedgraph output. Graphically:

Does anybody know a way to accomplish this using bedtools? I'll also accept non-bedtools solutions, provided they can be implemented in Python (e.g., other tools with a Python API or fully implemented in Python).

ADD COMMENTlink 4.9 years ago Matt Corley • 40 • updated 11 months ago Biostar 20
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I think what you want to do can be accomplished using bedtools map:

ADD COMMENTlink 4.9 years ago Matt Shirley 9.0k
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You could either use bedops --partition followed by bedtools map, or simply use bedtools unionbedg and post-process its output. If you're using pybedtools, the latter option is probably easiest. There may also be a way to do all of this with bedops.

ADD COMMENTlink 4.9 years ago Devon Ryan 90k

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