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News:BBSRC (UK funding body) Review of data intensive biology in the UK
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11 months ago
i.sudbery 4.7k
Sheffield, UK

The Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC) is the funding body for basic biology and biotechnology research in the UK, and they are running a review of data intensive biology in the UK. As part of this they are circulating a questionaire to UK researchers:

I'm afraid this is for UK folks only

From their website:

With the ongoing development of transformative technologies such as next-generation sequencing and high-resolution imaging, the volume and complexity of biological data is growing. Bioscience researchers are now regularly employing computationally-dependent analysis and modelling approaches to process data ‘at scale’ that is advancing the frontiers of discovery, but there remain significant challenges to undertaking this new mode of bioscience research.

The Forward Look for UK Bioscience developed by UKRI-BBSRC recognises the importance of data-intensive bioscience research. To support the continued development of bioscience as a data-intensive discipline, UKRI-BBSRC is conducting a review in 2019.

The more UK based bioinformaticians that reply to this questionaire the better. This is our oppotunity to shape bioinformatics related policy for the next 5 years.

Please see this link to fill in the questionaire, and/or volunteer to attend a workshop:


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