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News:eDNA Metabarcoding course in Berlin - 8-12 July
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14 months ago

Course: Intro to Environmental DNA research and analysis

Where: Free University Berlin (Germany)

When: 8th -12th July 2019


1) Dr. Mathew Seymour (Bangor University, UK)

2) Luke E. Holman (University of Southampton, UK)


This course focuses on the use of eDNA to detect eukaryotic species form environmental samples. Here, we offer an introduction into eDNA based science with key emphasis on how to design, implement and analyze 1) species specific (targeted) eDNA using qPCR and 2) community based analyses using metabarcoding and high throughput sequencing.

After completing the course, students should be in a position to (1) Design their own eDNA study based on their research needs (2) understand the principles of qPCR, including in-silico primer development and experimental setup (3) analyse high throughput sequencing eDNA metabarcoding data (4) Perform preliminary analyses of both qPCR and metabarcoding data and (5) Create publication quality figures All course materials (including copies of presentations, practical exercises, data files, and example scripts prepared by the instructing team) will be provided electronically to participants.

This course is aimed at researchers and technical workers with a background in ecology, biodiversity or community biology who want to use molecular tools for biodiversity research. The course is intentionally broad with an aim of providing a a general overview of the current state-of-the-art in eDNA research as well as equipping practical researchers with some basic tools to begin their own research projects.

No programming or scripting experience is necessary and we will assume no prior knowledge of command line programming, those with previous expertise using the Linux console or R are most welcome and we aim to provide something new for everyone. The practical sessions will be run using Amazon Web Services (AWS) linux servers, participants must bring their own computer system. Instructions for pre-installing software will be provided.

For more information and for the full program, please visit our website:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

All the best,


Carlo Pecoraro, Ph.D

Physalia-courses DIRECTOR

Twitter: @physacourses

mobile: +49 17645230846!forum/physalia-courses


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