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Downloading conserved untranscribed sequences of multiple species
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18 months ago

I need to download about 1kb conserved noncoding region for say 20-100 species. Say I have a conserved region, 1kb long I need this to produce an alignment of the sequences, pretty much like that For that, I need to download the sequences from multiple species for this region which were used to measure this conservation. Once the sequences are downloaded, I know how to align them, but I need to figure out how to download the sequences for a small 1kb region. I found a way to download the whole dataset, but it is huge, I don't have capacities to work with such large regions, I work on a windows laptop and can not program. I am using web tools, JalView and Ugen to do my research. In summary, I need to download about 1kb in time for say 20-100 species.

Could you recommend an online tool that would allow such a download?

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Have you looked at existing databases that have these type of sequences for multiple species :


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