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Extracting uniquely mapped reads from bams
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20 months ago
gokberk • 30

Hi everyone!

I generated multiple bam files with hisat2 using following commands:

for single-end reads:

hisat2 --max-intronlen 20000 -q -x hisat2_index/rheMac8_index -U myfile.fastq -S myfile.sam

for paired-end reads:

hisat2 --max-intronlen 15000 --score-min L,0,-0.1 --no-discordant -p 5 -q -x hisat2_index/rheMac8_index -1 myfile_1.fastq -2 myfile_2.fastq -S myfile.sam

Now, I would like to extract uniquely mapped (aligned exactly 1 time) reads from my bam files to be able to differentiate between reads that map to a gene and its pseudogene. I tried a few things with awk to select reads with mapq value of 60, but could not succeed.

I also changed the --score-min formula slightly to make the mapping more stringent and differentiate between reads that map to the original gene and to the pseudogene. I was wondering if anyone would have any tips about options that might help to differentiate between original vs. pseduogene mapped reads.

I would be more than happy if anyone could help me with these issues.

Best, Gökberk

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I think this biostars thread might be helpful in your case.

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Also see How to select uniquely and concordantly reads from hisat2 alingment for raw read count and please use google and the search function. This has been adressed before.

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Thanks for your responses Nitin and ATpoint. I've already seen the thread ATpoint mentioned, however the suggested code there gave me an empty bam file for some reason. That's why I opened a new issue. And on top of that, I was hoping to find some suggestions for mapping RNA-seq reads to a gene and its pseudogenes. Cheers.

edit: I've just tried the samtools view -bq 1 file.bam > unique.bam command in the thread Nitin has pointed. However, after I do that I still have some reads with mapq score other than 60 (as far as I know, uniquely mapped reads have a mapq score of 60).


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