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Trying to separate different chains of a PDB file into separate files. Biopython gives an error
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17 months ago

Here is my code

structure = parser.get_structure('X', '2i0q.pdb')

#This will separate each chain into its own PDB file
for chain in structure.get_chains():
    io.set_structure(chain) + ".pdb")

Whenever I run it, my interpreter gives me this error

  File "/home/wes/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/Bio/PDB/", line 83, in get_unpacked_list
    undisordered_atom_list = (undisordered_atom_list + atom.disordered_get_list())

AttributeError: 'Atom' object has no attribute 'disordered_get_list'

Does anyone have any insights into this?

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