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Question: EnhancedVolcano Package Inputing Data Format
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Hi all,

I want to use enhancedvolcanoes package to produce volcanoes plot, but the example is so confusing with its input data in 'S4' type, obj oriented. I have been looking for an example that shows simple data format that I need to have before inputing them in and use the package. Nowhere to be found!

I just have an excel sheet with 3 columns: Gene, log2FoldChange, pvalue

When input into R as VC_data, can we seen as:

My code is as following:

                lab = VC_data$Gene,
                x = 'log2FoldChange',
                y = 'pvalue',
                xlim = c(-5, 8))

I keep getting this error saying that

'Error in EnhancedVolcano(VC_data, lab = VC_data$Gene, x = "log2FoldChange",  : 
  log2FoldChange is not numeric!'

When I did is.numeric(VC_data$log2FoldChange), I get true.

I am very frustrated. Please help!

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Please embed images properly ( How to add images to a Biostars post ) and use the code option to highlight code, data examples and error messages. I made the changes for you this time.

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look at colnames(VE_data) to make sure that excel hasn't added any whitespace.

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Seems to be an issue with your input being a tibble:

tb <- tibble(log2fc = c(2,3), pval = c(0.01, 0.007))

## this returns the error you have:
EnhancedVolcano(toptable = tb, x = 'log2fc', y = 'pval', lab = "foo")

## this one does it properly:
EnhancedVolcano(toptable = data.frame(tb), x = 'log2fc', y = 'pval', lab = "foo")

=> Convert tibble to data.frame

Edit: The way EnhancedVolcano checks if data are numeric is (source code line 76-78):

if(!is.numeric(toptable[,x])) {
  stop(paste(x, " is not numeric!", sep=""))

Problem is that e.g. tb[,1] does not automatically reduces dimensions to directly access the data but returns:

> tb[,1]
# A tibble: 2 x 1
1      2
2      3


[1] 2 3

returns the numeric data.

ADD COMMENTlink 9 months ago ATpoint 17k
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You are amazing, thank you very much for the help! It works now, couldn't have done it with your help!

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• 10
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My pleasure :)

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