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News: The BioCompute Object App-a-thon starts on May 14!
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Like scientific laboratory experiments, bioinformatics analysis results and interpretations are faced with reproducibility challenges due to the variability in multiple computational parameters, including input format, prerequisites, platform dependencies, and more. Small changes in these computational parameters may have a large impact on the results and carry large implications for their scientific validity. The BioCompute framework was developed to address this issue.

PrecisionFDA will be partnering with George Washington University and FDA/CBER HIVE to launch a BioCompute Object (BCO) App-a-thon. Participants will be given the opportunity to enhance the standard of reproducibility and documentation in the biomedical field by innovating and standardizing BCO creation and conformance. Beginner and advanced tracks will be available for all levels.

Visit to learn more and register for the app-a-thon!

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