Question: What SEED MyRAST annotation functions will work on Linux Mint correctly?
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I am running a bash code on Linux machine:

svr_psiblast_search < pilon_output.pilon.fasta >

and get:

 s500 Error detected by service. at /usr/lib/myrast/lib/ line 686
    ClientThing::_send_request('ATserver=HASH(0x2d29c38)', 'function', 'psiblast_search', 'args', '---\x{a}db: SEED\x{a}profile:\x{a}  -\x{a}    - AL123456.3_pilon\x{a}    - \'\'\x{a} ...', 'source', 'ClientThing', 'dbName', undef, ...) called at /usr/lib/myrast/lib/ line 471
    ClientThing::_call_method('ATserver=HASH(0x2d29c38)', 'psiblast_search', 'HASH(0x1d488a8)') called at /usr/lib/myrast/lib/ line 243
    ClientThing::AUTOLOAD('ATserver=HASH(0x2d29c38)', 'HASH(0x1d488a8)') called at /usr/lib/myrast/plbin/ line 317

How to fix that? What SVR functions can annotate a FASTA input file?

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