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Annotation file of piRNAs
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14 months ago

Hello, I am trying for some time to find the annotation file (gtf / gff3) of all the piRNAs of human (hg19) and mouse (mm10). ( I need hg19 and mm10 versions specifically as all my previous upstream analysis had been done using these versions)

I have searched everywhere, but still unable to find the file I am looking for. Someone suggested pirnabank, but there I cannot find the annotation files and the site doesn't specify the genome version as well.

Could anyone help me to find the annotation file? Thanks a lot

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4 months ago
genomax 68k
United States

You can get the piRNA from GRCm38 GFF file from RNA central. For hg19 you may need to get the corresponding GRCh38 file and life the coordinates over.


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