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Best plot for two nominal and one count variable
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14 months ago
statfa • 450


I have three variables X, Y and Z with 10, 60 and 3 levels.

For example, Variable X is 10 regions Variable Y is 60 genes Variable Z is each gene's expression in 3 times.

How can I plot them? I wanted to plot a heatmap but the plot looks strange as the levels of my variables are so different. What plot is best to describe these data? I thought of clustering my genes maybe.


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12 months ago
Freiburg, Germany

How to plot the data depends on what you want to get out of it and is something only you can know. Some options are:

  • Plot each of the 60 genes separately, with grouped bar or symbol charts (grouped by region or time with the other color-coded).
  • Plot density plots that are grouped by either region or time.

You won't actually plot X or Y, only the expression values, the rest should be used for either summarization or grouping/coloring/etc.

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Thank you a lot. I grouped my data based on region and plotted 10 heatmaps in one plot.


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