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lncPath deleted from CRAN
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18 months ago
Pin.Bioinf • 240


A few months ago I was using lncPath in order to find pathways for lncRNAs by association of these lncRNAs to protein coding genes by association in networks. This was a good package, but it has been deleted due to removal of another package 'samr' which was one of the options of significance testing offered in lncPath. This package could be re- admitted in CRAN if the option for significance calculation which uses a deleted package was removed, as there are other options.

My question is: the author the only person that can modify this? Can someone else fix it and ask for it to be included back in the CRAN repository? So far lncPath has been the best pathway analysis approach in R that I know of.

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3 months ago
zx8754 7.5k

Maybe email the author, find out their public repository (GitHub?), then offer a solution? Or just install from archive?


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