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RNA-seq for drug targets
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19 months ago
chipolino • 40

Hi everyone!

Are there any special or classic techniques for finding potential drug targets with RNA-seq analysis? Say, we have 2 conditions (normal and disease) and it's time-series data (4-5 time points). Should we build gene-regulatory networks and look at DE genes/proteins that form connection "hot spots" (interact with big number of proteins/genes)? Or there are other and better ways? Sorry, just entered this field, maybe there are indeed classical approaches for this type of analysis. Thanks!

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17 months ago
Republic of Ireland

There are "many" options, as expressed by my colleague, Malachi: Drug to Target/Gene/Protein Interaction Databases

His post was > 6 years ago (currently August, 2018), so, a lot of those may have been updated or may not even exist any longer.

Other ones of which I know include:

[Note: open PHACTS links together many other databases.]

My own experience of working with these databases is that they hold much promise.



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