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Question: Human and animal (mouse) expression datasets for the same tissues
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I'm looking for publicly available expression datasets with at least 4 samples, as follows:

  • tissue1 for human
  • tissue2 for human
  • tissue1 for some animal
  • tissue2 for some animal

And having two conditions (control and treatment) for each tissue (tissue1, tissue2... tissueN)

It'd be great to have biological replicates, and also desirable if "animal" is mouse and "tissue2" is blood. RNA-seq preferred, but microarray data is also fine.

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Mouse (Mus musculus) RNA-seq from ENCODE. You have two replicates per tissue samples (heart and liver).

Human RNA-seq from ENCODE for same tissues such as heart and liver.

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Awesome, thanks a bunch!

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Israel Barrantes
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