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My overall objective is to work with health care industry to benefit general public. I have experience in data analysis, designing pipelines and statistical inference of complex data. I am familiar with SLURM workload manager, LINUX, High Performance Computing (HPC) and cloud computing. Expert in performing integrative analysis of multi-layered biological datasets and advanced visualization.

Currently, my postdoctoral work focuses on evaluating somatic mutation loads on various differentiated progenitor cells using single-cell approach.

My Ph.D. work was focused on investigating long non-coding RNAs to unfold their molecular mechanism by analyzing different high-throughput sequencing datasets. During my doctoral research work, I gained experience in analyzing datasets from different cell lines and tissues from cancer patients.

★ Analyzed transcriptome and chromatin-based datasets from cell lines and tumors

★ Handled larger datasets from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), GTEx, ENCODE and dbGAP

★ Performed integrative approaches by combining different datasets such as

  • Methylation-based (Methyl-seq, RRBS-seq, MBD-seq-seq, MEDIP-seq)
  • RNA-based (RNA-seq, Microarray)
  • Protein-based (Proteome array)
  • Chromatin-based (ChIP-seq, ChRIP-seq, ChOP-seq)
  • Sequence-based (Motif analysis, promoter-proximity analysis, conservation analysis)

★ Designing computational tools to address problems in functional genomics (GeneSCF).

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