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Question: the XP-EHH instruction
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Hello, I am trying to get the XP-EHH values by using HP-EXX. ( . I only have map and ped plink files in two populations. So 1. I used plink function --recode vcf, to make vcf files (preQC had been done, plus --snp-only -just acgt). 2. Eeagle was applied to phase my dataset. (it should have no-missing data in my output files, and all alleles become 0 and 1 only) 3 Then I wrote a R-script to format a map files for XP-EHH.

I have some questions about XP-EHH. 1. How many map file I should make for XP-EHH command? The example ./xpehh -m example.ihsmap.................

But I have 2 populations. Should I merge the 2 map files into one? Or I should use the overlap snp? Why I ask this it is because I try to use the big map file merged from 2 map files and always get the error message like:"borken the pipeline or out of range........" 2. I check the ihshap file.I saw no row name or column name in the files. I am wondering how do the script process the files. The output of example shown the chr ID. Sould I make the same order for ihsmap and ihshap?

Are there anyone has experience in process XP-EHH

Thank you for your time!!



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