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Forum: Are there any open phylogenetic projects that don't require coding to make a contribution.
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I am stay at home learner, not pursuing education formal education and currently doing a part time job. I've however completed masters in biotechnology and I'm studying to pursue PhD in molecular evolution eventually. I'm interested in knowing if there are any online open projects in phylogenetics and computational molecular evolution where I can contribute. Leave the projects involving coding. So are there such open projects that don't require coding? An example of contribution I can think of right now is submitting new phylogenetic trees. Please help, I can't find any information online.

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The only aspect that doesn't involve coding that I can think of would be curation and even then, one sometimes has to code. Almost all areas of bioinformatics involve coding and this is also increasingly true for many other areas of biology. I don't see how you could get a PhD in the field without coding but maybe I am missing something.

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Jean-Karim Heriche

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