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20 months ago
khaeuk • 70


I am a recent graduate student with a BS CS Bioinformatics degree. I will be heading off to industry for few years (as a full time), then go into Masters. And for those few years, I would like to know if there's anything I can do to improve myself in the field of bioinformatics, or some organization I can get involved in, or any certificate I can try to get?

Thank you.

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15 months ago
h.mon 25k
  1. Don't stop reading papers (and good blogs), keep yourself up to date with the latest developments
  2. Contribute code (or bug reports, or testing) to open source projects - or even start your own project
  3. Share your knowledge here at BioStars, and learn a lot in the proccess

But honestly, by the time you set yourself to get a masters degree, consider how fulfilled you are working on industry, and think if it is really worth doing a masters in the first place.


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