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Ensembl API: How to get sequences by Gene ID for older Ensembl version?
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23 months ago
bi_Scholar • 0

Hello everyone,

I'm using python and the REST API to get the sequences corresponding to a list of gene identifiers from Ensembl. However, I need to access an older version of the Ensembl database (74, Dec2013).

Is there a way to access data from older Ensembl versions? I tried to set the host-server to '' which didn't work unfortunately.


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As far as I know, there is no way to get access to a special ensembl version via REST API. The only two versions that are available are for hg19 and for the current version.

But Emily_Ensembl can maybe clarify that.

fin swimmer

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18 months ago

There are only minimal archives for the most recents releases of the Ensembl REST API. If your data is from e74, most of it will be the same in, as this was a data freeze of e75.

Your other options are to use BioMart on the e74 archive site or to use the e74 version of the Perl API.


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