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News: #NGSchool2018 summer school in bioinformatics
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The registration for #NGSchool2018 is finally open! If you want to know more about Nanopore sequencing and Personalised Medicine join us in Lublin, Poland on 16-23 Sep. Fill out the application form

What’s #NGSchool?

#NGSchool is a summer school in bioinformatics, aimed at researchers in the early stage of their careers, while being open to strongly motivated applications with any background. Our goal is to close the gap in the field of genomics between Western and Central & Eastern Europe, and boost research & development (R&D) in developing countries. The upcoming edition #NGSchool2018: Nanopore sequencing and personalised medicine will be focused on single molecule, long reads sequencing, and precision medicine.

How many people will attend?

#NGSchool2018 will be attended by 60 participants (40 students and 20 lecturers). In the previous editions of the summer school (2016, 2017) we have received 290 applications in total from 42 countries.


We'll host four MinION hackathons focused on de novo genomics (some yeast species), metagenomics (oral microbiome), direct RNA-seq (de novo transcriptomes of nonmodel fish species) and human genomics. Those projects will run in parallel, each will have 10-15 participants. Our plan is to gather every day and update all participants about each project progress, difficulties encountered and some troubleshooting.

Where, when and how much?

#NGSchool2018 will be held in Lublin, Poland on 16 - 23 September 2018. We are happy to announce that we received Visegrad+ grant from International Visegrad Fund, which means we can keep registration fee at the minimum! We require each participant to pay €100, but the fee can be waived depending on the personal circumstances of the applicant. In addition, a number of travel grants are available (the exact information will be announced shortly).


You can register here. Registration will be open till 30th of June! Please, secure enough time to fill out the form as some questions require a considerable amount of thinking. Every year we receive several applicants per place, therefore we strongly recommend preparing your application well. You can read more about selection criteria here.

More info

For the first time, we will host two satellite events Nuclear Landscapes 14-16 Sept (before the school) in Warsaw, Poland and Data mining & machine learning 24-28 Sept (after the school) in Olomouc, Czech Republic. More details can be found on our website. Hope to see you at the school!

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Happy to see not only me is spamming about #NGSchool ;) As always, strongly recommend having look at #NGSchool2018 programme :) Registration till 30 June!

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It's not spamming - it's sharing the information :))

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We prepared simple infographics to explain what registration fee covers, since we received many questions about that:) Basically everything except tickets to/from Lublin, laptops (you will have to bring one), medical insurance for the duration of your stay in Poland and visa (insurance is mandatory, visa - if needed).

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A lot of people have approached us about the number of Rosalind problems one needs to solve to participate in the #NGSchool2018. We decided to remove the minimum requirement. That said, we encourage you to solve as many of them as you can - mostly because it helps improve your skills. The points in the selection process for that task will be assigned based on the distribution of the number of solved problems among all the applicants. Fill out the registration form, paste the link to your Rosalind account and apply! Next, solve as many Rosalind problems as you can before the deadline - 23:59 June 30th, 2018!

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