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How to assess extent of cell-type admixtures from bulk RNA-seq data for a single tissue?
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17 months ago
nancy • 70

We have bulk RNA-seq data from different samples (1 single tissue), treated vs control, (2 to 3 replicates each), and suspect that inherent cell-type heterogeneity is confounding our observations of D.E. We have no prior information on the levels of heterogeneity for these samples, however, looking at FPKM levels of few cell-type specific marker genes indicates a difference of cell composition proportions amongst the different samples.

(This is not a cancer versus normal study)

For the tissue of our interest, there are published single cell RNA-seq data from the various cell types that the authors have kindly made publicly available. This data is also in the form of fpkms.

I want to use the publicly available scRNA-seq data, and see if I can detect different compositions of cells in my bulk RNA-seq data.

Are there any tools that will help me do this? I have come upon CellMix, but our tissue of interest is not whole blood.

Thank you

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2.1 years ago
YaGalbi ♦ 1.4k
Biocomputing, MRC Harwell Institute, Ox…

Take a look into CIBERSORT.

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