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Question: bam file to .bedgraph
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I have bam files and i need to convert them to .bedgraph format for my further analysis please help me in this issue?

ADD COMMENTlink 22 months ago praveenhcu131 • 0 • updated 22 months ago arup ♦ 1.3k
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Your questions is lacking a couple of details such as what's the goal of obtaining the bedGraph file, do you want to normalize or scale the read counts, do you want the read counts for the entire genome, what type of data is this, have you tried any tools and found them lacking some options, ....

To answer your general question in a general manner: bedtools genomecov with -bg option or deepTools bamCoverage might be viable options.

ADD COMMENTlink 22 months ago Friederike 4.2k
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If you want per-million scaled bg, use this command together with genomecov:

## Scaling factor for single-end data, counting every mapped read (bitwise flag = 0)
 TmpScale=$(bc <<< "scale=6;1000000/$(samtools view -f 0 -c in.bam)")

 ## Now get the actual bedGraph:
 echo '==> RPM scaling factor:' $TmpScale
 bedtools genomecov -bga -ibam in.bam -scale $TmpScale | sort -k1,1 -k2,2n > out.bedGraph
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Alfred is another option:

alfred tracks -o out.bedGraph.gz input.bam
ADD COMMENTlink 22 months ago trausch ♦ 1.3k
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BEDOPS bam2bed can be useful:

$ bam2bed < reads.bam | cut -f1-3,5 >

This puts the map quality signal into the fourth column of Other columns are available:

If you're trying to count reads over regions, you could instead do something like:

$ bedmap --echo-ref-name --count --delim '\t' regions.bed <(bam2bed < reads.bam) | sed 's/[:-]/\t/g' >
ADD COMMENTlink 22 months ago Alex Reynolds 28k
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This can be done using bedtools genomecov or genomeCoverageBed .

bedtools genomecov [OPTIONS] -ibam < input file name> -g <genome> -bg <output name>
ADD COMMENTlink 22 months ago arup ♦ 1.3k

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