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SNP in a specific loci
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16 months ago
rob.costa1234 • 160
United States

I want to check presence of SNPS in a one particular loci in TCGA data a one specific cancer. I was wondering is there any online toll that can provide me such information relatively quickly. I dont think Cbioportal can do this

Thanks Rob

snp • 317 views
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This question has been asked already in two posts:

In none of them there seems to be an answer but you could first ask there to write how they solved it, since a couple of years have passed by.

Can this be of help?

Also, a grammar nazi note: it's locus, when it's singular, loci is plural!

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14 months ago
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda…

A new feature in the NCI Genomic Data Commons allows searching for a specific somatic mutation (but NOT snp). Here is an example of a search for BRAF V600E.

If you are looking for germline SNPs, you'll need to apply for TCGA data access and then grab variant files.


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