Question: how to draw two different Y-axes with deeptools?
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Hi all, I’m trying to plot the methylation distribution along a set of genes using a metagene approach including the two flanking upstream/downstream regions. In particular I would like to draw two different Y-axes: one for the symmetrical CG/CHG methylation context and a second one for the CHH, as shown in the picture below. Is it possible to specify A different Y-axis for each bigwig input FILE LOADED in deeptools? enter image description here Thanks a lot.


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I think you posted this to the deepTools google-group too. But regardless, there's no way to do this directly in deepTools. I suggest that you export the data (there's an option for that in plotProfile) and then tweak things to your liking in R.

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I have a workflow where I did this here. It was a bit of an iterative trial&error process, but there might be some useful code scraps mixed in there.

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