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News:Open Targets API upgrades to a new version, v3
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18 months ago
UK, Hinxton, EMBL-EBI

If you have read our tutorial Open Targets and programmatic access, you will be pleased to know that we upgraded our API to version 3 for faster drug target discovery.

These are the highlights of our latest Open Targets API:

  • new URL
  • new methods
  • new infrastructure (Google App Engine service)
  • new rules for the pagination of your large set of results
  • new usage allowance (so high that you don’t need an API key)
  • new deployment in North America and Asia (in addition to Europe)

We will phase out our previous version (v2) on the 30th of November. If you use v2, please make sure you run your code on the new version instead. The sooner you do it, the better.

Join our Open Targets API: take a REST from manual searches webinar on the 5th December to find more and ask all your questions.


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