News: of the Galaxy: 17.05 Release, Galaxy Community Conference, and more
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A lot has been happening in the the Galaxy Project lately. The June News of the Galaxy has details on:

  • New releases of
    • Galaxy, the Galaxy Docker Image, and Galaxy CloudMan on AWS (all v17.05)
    • Parsec, a new command line interface to Galaxy
    • BioBlend Python library for accessing Galaxy
  • 2017 Galaxy Community Conference starts June 26
    • Regular registration rates extended
    • Keynote Speakers: Eytan Domany; Anton Nekrutenko & James Taylor
    • Submit a Lightning Talk
    • Submit a BoF
    • Capture the flag (what?)
  • Making Galaxy Work for You tutorial at ISMB/ECCB 2017, and other upcoming events
  • Training Material Re-use Hackathon Reports
  • And new:
    • Pubs (85 of them, 5 highlighted)
    • Positions
    • Public Server News
    • Tools
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I'm intrigued by the capture the flag item...

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Devon Ryan

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