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ERROR with OMIM API: Can't include more than one parameter via curl
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3.7 years ago
jorgeduran • 0

Hello everyone,

Since I got access to OMIM API for educational purposes I have been struggling with it while trying to use it via curl command.

I am trying to access a specific entry via my web browser using this URL: with the key they have provided to me and I get exactly what I am looking for.

The problem comes when I try to open it via command line with curl (also wget is failing due to certificate authentication issues). If I do not include other parameters different than the mimNumber I get the title and other info which is not enough informative, but when I include the other parameters, it gives the same information and it stops waiting for some extra instructions. Could anyone explain why this happen and what can I do to solve it?

I leave you here the specific command I use:

curl --header ApiKey:xxxxxxxxx

Thank you, I will wait for your answers!


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