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temporary JSON file for visualisation plugin - where to save?
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19 months ago
Sri Lanka

In my web visualisation plugin, from mako file I call web api and from there I generate 3 JSON files(by executing a java library) for visualisation in my web visualisation plugin. For the time being, i have saved them in the same directory of the plugin.(eg: galaxy/config/plugins/visualizations/mypluginname/static/data). Currently this is working since I am the only user. but how or where should i save these temporary files that the logged in user can access, but not others can access them?

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2.0 years ago
igor 7.7k
United States

You can generate random filenames every time. That way, only the right user knows which files are theirs.

Technically, this isn't fully secure, since you can brute-force discover the files, but if the random part is sufficiently long, it's essentially impossible in a reasonable timeframe.


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