Question: Specify Toolsheds For Local Galaxy Install
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This question is about setting up a local Galaxy server and then customizing it post-install. It is a follow up on my last question about how to modify a preexisting tool(BLAST), where I would now like to import Tools from the Galaxy Toolshed.

When I use the Admin panel to browse toolsheds and ask Galaxy to "Install to Local Galaxy" I get an error message like this:

Not Found The resource could not be found No Route for /repository/servername/admin _toolshed/install_ repository

Obviously I have not correctly specified to Galaxy where to put the Toolshed info but i am not sure how to do this. In the community_wsgi.ini file I have added an admin user, set the port and turned on the default database (sqlite). I am using Postgreql for the server so my most likely guess is that I should switch the server information to the same database (not sure if that was what the Galaxy makers intended but I will try it). I then ran and restarted Galaxy but the error message persists.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

thanks, zach cp

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Hi Zach,

For Galaxy install related questions, you may get a quicker response posting this to the galaxy-dev list:

(However, in this case, I couldn't find anyone else asking this question in the archive.)

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thanks Dave, will do

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Zach Powers
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