Question: Normalized Bigwig Files
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I am trying to normalise the bigwig files (I start from bam files) for a large number of ChIP-Seq data. Is there a well agreed method available to do this? I know of normalising as RPM. Any suggestions?

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If you use bedtools genomecov you can use a scaling factor.

bedtools genomecov -ibam input.bam -bg -scale X -g genome.chrom.sizes >

where X is the scaling factor. The scale could be for each sample 1,000,000/mapped reads, or each sample divided by the mean of mapped reads for each sample.

You can then use:

wigToBigWig -clip genome.chrom.sizes
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Thanks. This options seems to open up a lot of options.

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pybedtools has a function that will scale your BAM by million mapped reads (the scaling used by many ENCODE data sets) and creates a bigWig file all in one shot:

from pybedtools.contrib.bigwig import bam_to_bigwig
bam_to_bigwig(bam='path/to/bam', genome='hg19', output='path/to/bigwig')

More details in this answer:

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As of today, you can use deeptools exactly for these kind of tasks:

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