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Question: Is There Any Free Software Similar To Geo2R ??
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Do you guys know is there is free software available that can perform the same analysis as geo2r. I could always do the same stuff using R, but I was looking to some client-side software with a GUI to perform the same kind of analysis as geo2r.


ADD COMMENTlink 7.1 years ago jorgemoscat • 30 • updated 9 months ago murshad.60ali • 0
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GEO2R is quite a nice interface but really, it's just GEOquery. As you know, there is even a tab where you can see the R/GEOquery code if you want to run it locally. In my opinion, the main feature of GEO2R which makes it useful is the graphical selection of samples to assign them to groups.

I guess I'm saying that I don't see huge advantages over just learning to use R/GEOquery locally.

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You could certainly build one yourself using something like shiny on top of GEOmetadb, GEOquery, and limma.

ADD COMMENTlink 7.1 years ago Sean Davis 25k
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  1. BART - Bioinformatics Array Research Tool


  3. GEO2Enrichr

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