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vg paired end short read mapping: Best practice?
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9 months ago

I'm trying to map short reads to a genome graph constructed from multiple whole genome alignments of A. thaliana. What is the best practice method to produce the alignments in a reasonable time frame. I've been mapping just a subset of 5000 pairs to a single chromosome graph. vg map takes >24h to complete and enormous resources (up to 500G of RAM on a single core). Mapping a full sequencig run to the full genome graph took over 7 days to complete. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

mapping short read genome graph vg • 356 views
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9 months ago
xwwang ▴ 20

In my experience, you can use the multiple threads to speed up via the -t option: -t $nthread

where $nthread is the number of threads, e.g. 10

In this way, it will be much fast. It took me one day for 200 million paired-end reads to map to a large graph.


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