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The research of the Robert S. Boas Center for Genomics and Human Genetics employs cutting-edge genetic/genomic approaches to investigate various autoimmune and inflammatory human diseases.

In the role, you will provide bioinformatics analysis to the experimental labs in the center under the mentorship of Peter K. Gregersen, MD and Andrew J. Shih, PhD. You will also be responsible for maintaining and fielding external requests for the Genotype and Phenotype (GaP) registry, a genetic database that advances understanding of the function of disease-associated genes. Candidates must have a quantitative degree (Master's or higher preferred), some experience in programming (particularly R/Bioconductor) and at least 1+ years of experience in one of the following analyses: GWAS, whole genome/exome sequencing, RNA-seq, epigenetic regulation and single cell.

POSITION SUMMARY: Performs a variety of independent activities involved in planning, organizing and conducting assigned portion(s) of research studies. Participates in the coordination of sharing information, lending assistance, and solving problems with other team members, as needed. Assignments may be fewer and less complex and may receive general guidance and/or direction.


  1. Planning/Reporting • Collaborates with investigator and other team members in developing plans, organization, implementation and monitoring for research projects, interpretation of results, and preparation of manuscripts or reports. • Sets-up related interviews, as appropriate. • Participates in compilation/writing of integrated reports and preparation of presentations and manuscripts of scientific meetings and technical journals.
  2. Protocols/Procedures/Techniques • Organizes and conducts assigned studies, independently, following and adhering to current experimental
    protocols. Initial set-up and/or results may be reviewed.
    • Learns, researches and recommends new experimental procedures, as necessary • Develops forms and questionnaires and coordinates the application of research techniques, as necessary. • Ensures work is in compliance with the currently approved protocols, with Good Clinical Research Practice (GCP),
      and with applicable regulatory requirement(s). • Participates in design and writing of protocols, case report forms and informed consent forms for clinical trials.
  3. Data • Performs a variety of independent activities involved in the collection, verification, analysis, documentation and interpretation of research data. • Selects sources of information and specific data. • Prepares correspondence to locate the specific data, as required. • Evaluates and interprets collected data, and prepares presentations, reports and analyses describing progress, trends, and recommendations or conclusions.
  4. Performs related duties, as required.

*ADA Essential Functions

• Bachelor’s Degree, required. • Research or analytical experience, preferred • Maintains current knowledge of research study area including attending scientific/professional meetings and training courses as appropriate. • Works effectively as part of a team with good interpersonal skills. • Able to take initiative and work interdependently, meet deadlines with a sense of urgency, multitask, adjust to shifting priorities, communicate effectively, and work under defined rules and regulations. • Detail-oriented. Uses good judgment. Possesses perseverance and persistence.

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