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How to subset a set of variations from a VCF on specific chromosome and between 2 postions?
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12 months ago
Defne • 0


I'm a very beginner on using bash so my question may seem stupid for some of you. I have a VCF annotated file with a big number of samples. I want to subset a file from this one with all the variations of a gene (located on the chromosome ($1 = chr9) and between the position ($2 = POS) 81583683 and 81689305. I used the awk command after modifications awk '{$1== "chr9" && 81583683 <$2< 81689305}' VCF1 > VCF2 but had always error message.

Can anyone tell me please if the awk command is correct in this case for selection with 2 conditions or I should use another command?

Thank you

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14 months ago
France/Nantes/Institut du Thorax - INSE…

you want:

 awk -F '\t' '($0 ~ /^#/ || ("chr9" && 81583683 <$2 && $2< 81689305))' VCF1 > VCF2

or, better, after indexing the VCF1:

bcftools view vcf1.vcf.gz "chr9:81583683-81689305"

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