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Question: NCBI's tbl2asn for sequin files for GenBank submissions - what else does the program do in the system?
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I am making a MacOS GUI wrapper app for some of tbl2asn's functionality. The app is containerized a.k.a. sandboxed, which means it only has permission by default to read and write within the bounds of the app's space. tbl2asn runs successfully, as expected, from within the app when sandboxing is turned off, but not when sandboxing is turned on. I suspect tbl2asn is attempting to write files to some other place on the system but is prevented from doing so by MacOS. However tbl2asn does not output any information to stderr, so I am at a loss.

I traced the system calls made by tbl2asn under my settings using dtruss and I have a list of functions to look at. But this is a tad unwieldy. If anyone knows what tbl2asn is doing under the hood and could comment about whether my hypothesis is likely incorrect or correct, or where else I might look, it would be great to hear what you know.

Thanks and Happy Friday! Matt

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