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Missing lots of SNP while clumping
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17 months ago
landscape95 • 160

Hi everyone, has anyone experienced this issue, I have around a million SNPs to do the PRS but with PRSice, after clumping, I only have around 100k SNPs remain. I wonder what situation this could be, thanks. Your help is really appreciated!

Base file:
1133273 variant(s) observed in base file, with:
1133273 total variant(s) included from base file

Start performing clumping

257682 MB RAM detected; reserving 10 MB for clumping
Allocated 10 MB successfully

Number of variant(s) after clumping : 112953

Phenotype is a continuous phenotype
57767 sample(s) with valid phenotype
PRSice • 164 views
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Did you use imputed data? Imputed SNPs tends to have high LD with eachother and as a result most of those SNPs will be removed after clumping.


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