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Need help on Metagenomics 16S analysis of Nanopore NGS data
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14 months ago
Shashi Kanth • 10

Hi everyone,

im new to metagenomics 16S Nanopore data analysis. i have done metagenomics nanopore ngs data analysis in MinION and used EPI2ME for 16S analysis and AMR analysis to generate classification plots. basecalling was done using Albacore and 2 .fastq files were generated. one with 60Mb file and other 20MB file. know i want to generate OTU table, taxonomic plots and develop plots using kronatools.

is it a way to convert .fastq file to either .rma or .megan or .biom file for analysis in Megan tool for OTU table generation and create plots.

without doing analysis again from mapping using Diamond or centrifuge tools

Please need help

Thank you


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