Tool: BioTuring Browser: Making single-cell sequencing data in published studies really accessible!
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Dear Colleagues,

Today, we are happy to release BioTuring Browser, a modern application for accessing published sequencing data, focusing on single-cell transcriptome. With a web browser, scientists can easily read published papers; with BioTuring Browser, they can actually “read” the underneath sequencing data, and answers many questions that were not revealed in the papers.

In this beta release, BioTuring Browser provides:

  • 3D and 2D PCA/t-SNE visualization of single cells, scaled up to 1.3 million cells on a standard laptop.
  • Batch effect removal
  • Comparison of two conditions (Differentially Expressed Genes and Comparing Cluster Structure)
  • Support automatic and manual cell-type annotations
  • Support real-time cell type prediction
  • Support color mapping for graph-based clustering, k-means clustering, and gene expression.
  • Sub-clustering of a chosen cell population.
  • Marker gene identification
  • A comprehensive knowledge base for gene functions.
  • Access data from new and highly cited single-cell papers in neuroscience

  • Also, the Bulk-RNA seq add-on provides all standard analyses, e.g., PCA, differential expression, gene ontology, pathway enrichment, tissue prediction, etc.

You can download BioTuring Browser at

Currently, BioTuring Browser is available for MacOS and Windows (beta). We hope to have the Linux version available soon.

Thank you!

Son Pham & BioTuring Team.

Below are some screenshots/videos of BioTuring Browser

3D t-SNE scatter plot scatter plot Single cell annotation Marker gene identification enter image description here

ADD COMMENTlinkeditmoderate 16 months ago sonpham • 560 • updated 11 months ago Jennifer Pham • 290
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Great work! Is it commercial?

ADD REPLYlinkeditmoderate 16 months ago
• 40
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You can view published data free of charge. For analyzing private data, we charge by each add-on.

ADD REPLYlinkeditmoderate 15 months ago
Jennifer Pham
• 290
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Is there a documentation that explicitely explains all relevant steps, such as filtering criteria, data normalization etc?

ADD REPLYlinkeditmoderate 11 months ago
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I've got 2 batches to handle. How to remove the batch effects with this tool? Can you share some instructions?

ADD REPLYlinkeditmoderate 14 months ago
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Here's a short video of BioTuring Browser:

ADD COMMENTlinkeditmoderate 16 months ago Jennifer Pham • 290
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Batch effect removal and differential expression analysis are now incorporated in BioTuring Browser:

ADD COMMENTlinkeditmoderate 15 months ago Jennifer Pham • 290
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BBrowser now supports pairing clonotype data with expression data:

ADD COMMENTlinkeditmoderate 11 months ago Jennifer Pham • 290

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