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Question: Assembling my genome
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Hi all, I'm actually trying to assemble my genome. I have 2 fasta file: reads1.fq and reads2.fq

Those file are comming from an illumina Hiseq 3000 150bp

And I would like to assemble my genome but I do not realy know programme to do it. I would like if possible a programme easy to use with a good documentation, does someone have an idea of such a program?

Thanks a lot

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What organism? Are there reference sequences? Do you want to de novo assemble?

These are questions you need to answer to get an idea if a particular assembler will suit your needs.

A few popular ones off the top of my head, though I can't attest to their ease of use or documentation:

MIRA, SPAdes, Velvet, SOAP...

<30 seconds on google returns this:

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There are couple of program to perform the assembly, but before that , let us know the organism the data belong to. In the mean time you can also look at this interesting post.

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Vijay Lakhujani
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It is from a butterfly specie with a genome size aroud 1.49 Gb

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Have you tried using Google before asking this question?

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