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How to identify Disease biomarkers " DNA sequences as biomarkers "
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2.4 years ago

i need scientific paper to know how to identify the sequences bio-markers for specific disease, and how to use it to detect the existence of the disease...!!

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This is a very vague question, and your chosen tags do not help to define for what, exactly, you are looking. Can you elaborate on what you want, and why? Also provide some context, i.e., why do you want to do this?

A 'biomarker' can be anything... a blood metabolite, a concentration of circulating free DNA in the blood, a protein taken from a brain biopsy, level of protein expression on a cell, etc.

Are you referring to the things like forensics and classifcation of organisms (taxonomy), whereby, for example, certain DNA sequences (motifs) can be used to identify individuals and species?


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