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How can run cd-hit-est with a clstr threshold less than 0.8?
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15 months ago
m.koohi.m • 110
United States

Dear friends,

I try to run cd-hit-est with a cluster threshold less than 0.8 but every time I get the following error:

Fatal Error: invalid clstr threshold, should >=0.8 Program halted !!

I tried:

cd-hit-est -i seq.fasta -o out.fasta  -d 0 -T 10 -g 1 -M 10000 -c 0.6 -n 4

This command does not have any problem with cd-hit. The following command works well:

cd-hit -i seq.fasta -o out.fasta  -d 0 -T 10 -g 1 -M 10000 -c 0.6 -n 4

Am I missing something?

Thank you

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17 months ago
NPalopoli • 280
Argentina/Buenos Aires/Universidad Naci…

According to the cd-hit-est manual you should use one of the following combinations of threshold (-c) and word size (-n):

-n 10, 11 for thresholds 0.95 ~ 1.0
-n 8,9 for thresholds 0.90 ~ 0.95
-n 7 for thresholds 0.88 ~ 0.9
-n 6 for thresholds 0.85 ~ 0.88
-n 5 for thresholds 0.80 ~ 0.85
-n 4 for thresholds 0.75 ~ 0.8

It escapes to me if lower thresholds are allowed and I don't have the correct input data at hand to try for myself (BTW, you should provide a sample dataset that would allow others to replicate the error).


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