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how trustable are KEGG pathways?
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22 months ago
igor 7.7k
United States

How trustable are KEGG pathways? I could not find any policy on their website.

I was looking at the KEGG publication, which is fairly bare-bones. The most helpful section seems to be:

The PATHWAY database is a collection of manually drawn diagrams called the KEGG reference pathway diagrams (maps), each corresponding to a known network of functional significance.

How do they define "known" or "significant" then?

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2.5 years ago
Mo • 880

It is one of the best databases for pathway discovery. However, you should never trust it fully. As far as I know, IPA is very trustable (but very expensive) because of the fact that they curate data manually. Most of the databases are based on text mining and ofcourse the FDR is rather high. All said, I would trust KEGG but approve it with orthogonal techniques


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