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What is the current price of a bioinfo group?
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2.2 years ago
baxy • 150

General idea:

To set up a small competitive bioinformatic group consisting of 3 bioinformatitions.


  1. What is the basic requirement of one such group ? (for example: working space, a chair, a desk, a computer, etc.)
  2. What kind of a software it requires?
  3. What would be the annual budget for supporting the basic requirements of such a team ? (conference & publication fees, printing, office supply etc.)
  4. Cluster requirements ? (possible renting of HPCs yes/no??)
  5. Conference room? (yes/no)
  6. Projectors ? (yes/no)
  7. Flexible working hours? (yes/no)

So the thing is, I am trying to see how much would it cost to set up one such a group in current zeitgeist. I realize that this is highly dependent on a region/country where the group will work, so let say the X is the average net salary for that region. Given that, what would be the total cost for setting up one such team from scratch in terms of X? Keep in mind that a bioinformatic expert is a highly trained phd professional and that its net salary needs to be competitive and higher than X.

Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas are welcomed. Please post your thoughts, wishes and visions of what one such group should look like in order to help create as perfect as possible basic environment for such a group.

If you think the post should not be posted here please drop me a note and I'll remove it immediately .



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This is like asking how much money does it take to set up a small competitive hospital, with no more than 3 doctors.

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The requirements will be somewhat dependent on what you actually want them to do. If they're in academia then you can pay them a lot less.

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small competitive bioinformatic group

What is the reference for this comparison?

I am wondering as to how other people's wish lists/circumstances are going to be useful for you? You probably need to hire a consultant (who can then have direct knowledge of resources you have access to) to put together an actionable plan. Unless you happen to be that consultant :)


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